Initial Thoughts on my “Intro to Analytics” Class

I posted a “syllabus” for an Intro to Soccer Analytics “class” a while ago, and I’ve been meaning to go forward with it but haven’t been able to push forward with it because I haven’t ¬†been sure about the interest. I posted a call today on Twitter and got a great response.

I have a quick four part syllabus planned where we talk about picking a topic (thanks to @Sam_Jackson for pointing out I already slipped into academic world talking about “research questions”) and the general principles of what analytics should be, the logic of inference, basic quantitative methodology, and then data visualization techniques. If it’s successful I’ll post more videos about different topics, but my goal is to create something where people who want to get involved in creating things can get a foothold in the community, for media and people at clubs to understand the value of analytics and maybe become more educated consumers, and to maybe help build a bigger community.

I have two concerns: the first is that I’m not particularly good on YouTube. My day job is Political Science professor, and I teach a Research Methods course and an Advanced Research Methods course to undergraduates, but I also teach an American Government class partially online. I’m better in person, so I’ve moved the class partially in person so students can get to know me. So I’m going to try and be entertaining and informative at the same time, hopefully I’ll succeed and people will enjoy what I’m working and will learn a lot from the whole process.

My second concern is that this will be a fairly big time commitment from me – writing the scripts, putting together examples, editing videos, etc., and this is in addition to my day job (and a new puppy who has more energy in one day than I’ve had in my entire life). So all I’m asking from you all is to share any tweets/videos/posts I make on this topic as much as you can and help get as many people to watch them as possible. Please tell a friend, share your projects from the course, and help me get as many eyes on this as possible. I’m not trying to make any money off of this, but I do get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing people are enjoying what I’m doing so hopefully you all can help me share this and get as big of an audience as possible for these!

I’m overwhelmed by the interest so far. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm, and I’ll hopefully be posting the first set of videos soon so we can get started.


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