La Liga Predictions – Week 32

I’m a little late posting the predictions for this week because I was putting together the probabilities for the rest of the season’s fixtures, but so far so good. I’ve got 4 correct predictions, 1 that was the 2nd most likely outcome (but only off by 3% so really it’s a push).

All the games today were relatively easy, although it predicted a solid win by Athletic of Getafe so I’m happy with that one. The rest of the predictions are in the table below:

GameHome Team Win %Draw %Visiting Team Win %Actual OutcomeCorrect Prediction
Levante v. Espanyol38%35%26%Levante 2 - Espanyol 2No (2nd most likely)
Barcelona v. Valencia70%14%15%Barcelona 2 - Valencia 0Yes
Real Madrid v. Malaga84%5%10%Real Madrid 3 - Malaga 1Yes
Deportivo v. Atletico Madrid6%26%67%Deportivo 1 - Atletico Madrid 2Yes
Athletic Bilbao v. Getafe CF76%18%6%Athletic 4 - Getafe 0Yes
Rayo v. Almeria81%6%13%Rayo 2- Almeria 1Yes
Granada v. Sevilla6%31%63%Granada 1 - Sevilla 1No (2nd most likely)
Villareal v. Cordoba59%40%2%Villareal 0 - Cordoba 0No (2nd most likely)
Eibar v. Celta Vigo56%21%21%Eibar 0 - Celta Vigo 1No (2nd most likely)
Elche v. Real Sociedad42%32%24%Elche 1 - Real SociedadYes

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