Fabregas Doesn’t Work: Replace him with a Defensive Mid

Quick blog post here looking at Chelsea’s form today, and one of the big narratives has been Cesc Fabregas’s underperformance. While this may be true, I’d argue that the bigger problem is that he’s a poor fit for Chelsea in the role he’s playing.

I ran the numbers, looking at Points Above Replacement for Fabregas’s position in Chelsea’s lineup, and unsurprisingly most of the top 10 were pure holding midfielders, or at least more defensive minded midfielders. ┬áHere’s the graph:

PAR Cesc Fabregas

Out of the top 10 options, Marco Verratti and Robbie Brady are the only two that aren’t known for playing deeper. Even if Fabregas plays well, he’s out of place in Chelsea’s lineup and they should strongly consider replacing him/selling him in January.

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