The Ballad of Joey Barton

Even in the Championship, Joey Barton is still saying obnoxious things, so I thought I’d take a look to see what he would do if he was back in the EPL. Similar to last week’s “Zlindex”, I calculated the expected change in points if each EPL team signed Joey Barton. It’s not pretty, and explains why he’s not playing first division football anywhere.

Ballad of Joey Barton

Joey Barton would make all 20 Premier League teams worse. Most remarkable is how badly he would hurt Norwich City, a team that isn’t expected to earn that many points to begin with. The raw calculations predict he’d take them from 45 points down to 32 points, or down from 15th to 19th place (Barton would cost Villa 6 points, but they’re only starting at 36 so they’d be down to 30).

Surprisingly he wouldn’t hurt Arsenal that badly, and even more surprisingly after Jonjo Shelvey’s performance today against Manchester United he would only cost them about a point. ┬áThe average loss for an EPL team who signed Joey Barton would be 3.6 points, meaning he’d cost you a little more than one win a season.

So with the deadline fast approaching, West Ham can be glad they dodged that rumored bullet (but it’s still not too late to sign Zlatan).

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